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What is decallisation?

Decallization is one of the most durable ways to use dyes powder and wet lacquer layers. We use decallisation for long lasting decorisations on metal, glass, plastic sheets, profiles and objects by inserting pigments in a special powder coatlayer or a wet lacquer layer. The decoration/picture that arises is the customers wish.

With this process it is possible to use almost every high definition quality picture you want in every way possible.

Think about the profiles, plates, objects and rolls in almost every possible size and shape. That makes it a good process for objects that are inside and outside.

Our group of clients mainly consists out of architects, designers, buyers, product managers and wall cladding.  You can find a lot of examples that have been decallised on our website.

What can Decall Consulting do for you?

With the knowledge and experience that Decall has built up in more than ten years, we can provide you with optimal service in various areas:

  • Consultancy: Advice from A to Z about the purchase of machines, materials, surface treatment systems, printers, powders & coatings and suitable suppliers for your specific project.
  • Project Management: connect with a network of
  • Sales: purchase and development of standard or customer-specific installations for their own production.